The success of the VST Motors Group is primarily due to the strong bond that has been created and is constantly renewed between the employees, partners and the management of the company. As it's often said, it is the employees that make a company.

We strongly believe the success of our companies and our branches is fully dependent on the strong core team players who comprise that particular company or branch.

We look for motivated individuals who have the initiative to think beyond their daily task. Individuals who are interested in working in a challenging environment and high pressure situations along a team of like-minded individuals are encouraged to apply.

Being a medium size group, performers have the ability to be quickly recognized and constantly promoted to positions that carry more responsibility.

The group's business interests are large and diverse and thus there are ample opportunities that will always be available. With our large network across the state of Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka, there will be numerous opportunities to work in different cities and towns. Those who wish to be closer to their families or hometown will have the flexibility to be transferred within the groups' companies when a vacancy arises.

Individuals who wish to learn fast and grow within the group are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume to [email protected]